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How can you help end hunger in America?

The Scarecrow Foundation

Separator-Image-Blue is a national movement led by the Scarecrow Foundation to help end hunger in America.
The Scarecrow Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit supporting existing food pantries.  Your donations help people in need of hunger solutions.

L.U.V.S. Program

The L.U.V.S. Program is three step program that we created to help end hunger in America. We understand that people want to help and give back but they may not always know where to start.
So with X-Hunger we made it simple, and with your support along with your friends, family, and co-workers we can end hunger in America together. It’s as simple as you locating a food pantry near you. Understanding the food pantries purpose to ensure it’s a good fit for you to Volunteer your time & energy or Support them monetarily.
Help us end hunger in America, get involved today!
Step 1.         Locate a Food Pantry
Step 2.         Understand their Purpose 
Step 3.         Volunteer and Support

Scarecrow Club

The Scarecrow Club is the newest and most innovative way that allows high school youth to get involved and help end hunger in America. The Scarecrow Club provides an array of opportunities for high school students. Team building exercises, services hours for college, community service & awareness, networking opportunities, philanthropic exposure, etc…

What is a Scarecrow Club

A high school students organization that is formed and ran by students with the help of staff leadership that adopts a local food pantry and executes the L.U.V.S. Program.
Step 1.  Locate a Food Pantry
Once the food pantry has been selected
Step 2. Understand their Purpose
Education of why food pantries exist
Step 3. Volunteer and Support
Allowing students to participate in meaningful philanthropic activities in creative ways they decide on with The Scarecrow Club
The first Scarecrow Club was formed by Coach Marcus Stanton and the boys basketball team at Austin East High in Knoxville TN. These students along with some key teacher and student leadership from their school decided to adopt The Love Kitchen an organization that provides meals to home bound, homeless, and unemployed people.

Leadership Program

Everything raises and falls on leadership so we invite you to help end hunger in your State.  By working together, we will help End Hunger in America. There are many ways for you to get involved, click on the link below to see how you can help X-Hunger!