What is an XHunger Club?

A college or high school students organization that is formed and ran by students with the help of staff leadership that adopts a local food pantry and executes the L.U.V.S. Program. It’s a Service Hours based, Student Led, Service Learning opportunity for anyone in high school or college who are looking for away to serve to in their community. Start the scarecrow club and join the XHunger movement.

Step 1. Locate a Food Pantry
Once the food pantry has been selected

Step 2. Understand their Purpose
Education of why food pantries exist

Step 3. Volunteer and Support
Allowing students to participate in meaningful philanthropic activities in creative ways they decide on with XHunger Clubs

The first XHunger Club was formed by Coach Marcus Stanton and the boys basketball team at Austin East High School in Knoxville TN.  Scarecrow Club President Kariah Cook, Faculty Advisor Lindsay Davis and student leadership via The L.U.V.S. Program adopted The Love Kitchen, a nearby food pantry providing meals to home bound, homeless, and unemployed people.  Service hours are attained on an ongoing basis.