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High School or College

Group Member Join a XHunger Club or Create one at your school; Register the group, elect officers, attend required meeting, and plan your volunteer goals together

Individual Person: Volunteer on your own time by Locating a food pantry, Understand their mission, now Volunteer & Support (L.U.V.S)

No registration fee or Annual Dues *subject to chapters president

Reach the minimum 20 hour mark and qualify for   XHunger Clubs exclusive prizes

Select Officers & Roles


Leader of the XHunger Club within the school and representing their school in the community. The President is also the school representative on the XHunger Council. The President is responsible to interact with the Faculty Advisor for common goals and implementation of XHunger Club activities.

Vice President

The role of the Vice President is to recruit people from within their school to join the XHunger Club. Yes, more XHunger Club volunteers/members. Which looks great on resumes and opens the door to conversations for people to really learn more.

Social Media Chair

Is in charge of the social media campaign. Should follow basic guidelines/suggestions regarding promotions that establishes uniformity however is also allows room for creativity.

Service Coordinator

This communication officer is responsible to organize their XHunger Club with their chosen food pantry(s) via the L.U.V.S. Program. They conduct follow through with the service coordinator of the chosen pantry(s) & will bridge the documentation of required service hours. Going full circle with communication and documentation is critical to the overall success of a XHunger Club.

Faculty Advisor

Minimum 2 year commitment but not limited to 2 years. Every XHunger Club is student led. At the same time, a Faculty Advisor is important to help navigate students within the school and influence decision making consistent with the respected mission statements of their selected food pantry(s). The Faculty Advisor is also asked to help find the next Faculty Advisor for their XHunger Club.

Execute L.U.V.S Program

1. Locate a Food Pantry
Once the food pantry has been selected

2. Understand their Purpose
Go visit & education yourselves on why their food pantry exist

3. Volunteer and Support
Allow yourself & members to participate in meaningful philanthropic activities in creative ways decide on by The XHunger Club

Focus on giving time or fundraising activities

Track all of your volunteers hours yourself in one place along with the service coordinator at the food pantry.

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